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Florence Devouard

Consultante et conférencière. Création, gestion et partage des savoirs ouverts et des biens communs. Présidente honoraire de la Wikimedia Foundation.

Florence Devouard

Non-profit leadership in the open mouvement

Founder of several non-profit organizations (Wikimedia France, Wiki in Africa in South Africa). In leadership for several others (Wikimedia Foundation, etc.)

International Project Manager

Creation, fundraising, and then management of international and intercultural projects related to Wikipedia, Africa, and Women

Community Building and Skills Transfer

Creating and implementing projects that intentionally build communities in order to intentionally contribute to the Open Movement and provide platforms to share art, cultures and knowledge.

Product Owner and Subject Matter Expert in Software Development

Design of several computer-based decision making tools in sustainable agriculture and conception of open source tools to support participatory knowledge creation

Public speaking and trainer

Speaker in conférences and seminars. Training on specialized topics related to the Open Knowledge Mouvement, Wikipedia, and copyright.

Researcher and writer

Liaison between online communities and Academic Research Teams. Books and scientific articles.

Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wikis, Open Source, Social Media, Community Management, Fundraising, Non-profits, Knowledge Management, Governance, Free Licensing, Community Building, Intercultural Relations, Africa, Women, Consulting and Entrepreneurship.​

Mes services

Mon rôle professionnel principal est celui d’une dirigeante associative et manager de divers projets internationaux (dans lesquels je suis impliquée de A à Z, de la conception à la production, en passant par la recherche de financement, le recrutement des membres de l’équipe chargée de la mise en œuvre opérationnelle et la gestion de projet). Cependant, l’expérience acquise me permet de proposer les services suivants depuis 2014.

Intervenante lors de conférences ou séminaires​

Thèmes de prédilection : Wikipédia, Wikis, Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons, Propriété Intellectuelle, Mouvement Libre, Community Building, Open Source, Egalité des genres

Formatrice occasionnelle​

Wikipedia, culture wiki, mouvement libre, droits d'auteurs

Conseil et accompagnement de projet​

Favoriser les dynamiques participatives et la capitalisation des savoirs


Vidéos d'interventions

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Wikipedia – Symposium Fake News : qui croire ? Florence Devouard. Juin 2018

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La communauté Wikipedia peut-elle inspirer l’entreprise ? – Florence Devouard à l’USI. Février 2014

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Les coulisses de Wikipédia 4/5 – Florence Devouard. Yverdon les bains. Mai 2011
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The Wiki Skills, how synergic methods change collaborative culture. Florence Devouard. TEDx Geneva 2013.

Ce qu’ils et elles disent à propos de moi

“Florence has a vision. As Chair of the Wikimedia Foundation, she helped bring the organisation one step further, from a small non-profit to one of the major actors of the non-profit scene today. She is a compelling speaker, as well as an excellent pedagogue. She knows how to captivate her audience and bring forward the important challenges of collaborative work, as well as help people understand how to apply her teachings to their everyday issues. She's your best bet to bring your organisation forward in the area of collaborative practices.”
Delphine Ménard
Manager of Staff Experience at Wikimedia Foundation
“Florence provided us with leadership and a strong community spirit during a period of extreme growth and change. I would recommend her for any position involving independent thinking a willingness to challenge the status quo.”
Jimmy Wales
Founder of Wikipedia
“Ms Devouard is an excellent consultant for complex missions. She brought us vision as well as great day to day follow-up within the projects she helped us develop. Her understanding of structures is very good and quick. She understood quickly and internal rules of both private and public partnerships, bringing high added value in digitally-driven projects. Here taxonomy of collaboration is a very precious key for any empowerment of collaborative culture."
Théo Bondolfi
Creator & trainer in social entreprise, EU pedagogicial expert, ecovillage developer, TEDx Curator, writer

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