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In a blog post entitled Fundraising, chapters, and movement priorities, Stu West, Vice Chair and Treasurer of the Wikimedia Foundation, raised a number of interesting questions yesterday regarding the fundraising model currently followed by the Wikimedia organizations and its future in terms of effectiveness, accountability and funds sharing. His main questions are:

* Is it right that 50% of rich country donations stay in those rich countries?

* How do we establish solid movement-wide financial controls to protect donor funds? ...

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Wikitour en Romandie

Il y a 15 jours, je suis revenue d’un wikitour en Romandie (pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas, c’est en Suisse…).

Le « wikitour » consistait en une série de conférences sur Wikipedia et/ou les Wikis: 7 interventions en 5 jours (dont 5 publiques et 2 privées), à Genève, Lausanne, Fribourg et Yverdon. Certaines des interventions ont fait salle pleine, d’autres ont ...

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