Florence Devouard

Partage du savoir et biens communs dans la société de l’information


Conférencière et consultante indépendante :
Je conseille et accompagne les organisations dans la mise en oeuvre de technologies et pratiques innovantes issues d’Internet.

Wikipedia, Wikis, Open Source, Licences de publication libres, Propriété intellectuelle, mouvement libre, Gestion des connaissances, Education, Médias sociaux, Community management,  Community building, fundraising et crowdfunding, Non profits, Intercultural relationships.

Mon objectif:
Fan des wikis et des logiciels sociaux en général, j’espère contribuer à mieux faire connaître ces plateformes logicielles et les changements de pratiques (sociales, juridiques, éthiques), qu’elles favorisent, dans l’espoir d’un avenir plus axé sur le partage, la co-création et la confiance.


  • Florence provided us with leadership and a strong community spirit during a period of extreme growth and change. I would recommend her for any position involving independent thinking a willingness to challenge the status quo.–Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia

  • Florence has a vision. As Chair of the Wikimedia Foundation, she helped bring the organisation one step further, from a small non-profit to one of the major actors of the non-profit scene today. She is a compelling speaker, as well as an excellent pedagogue. She knows how to captivate her audience and bring forward the important challenges of collaborative work, as well as help people understand how to apply her teachings to their everyday issues. She's your best bet to bring your organisation forward in the area of collaborative practices.–Delphine Ménard, Communication professional with an intercultural twist

  • I have worked with Florence in the Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation Inc. when she was Chair and I was boardmember. Florence is a very capable and hard-working person, she combines absolute integrity with a keen strategic vision and a talent to comprehensively and unrelentingly study a vast number of relevant facts concerned. She has been and still is a great communicator and inspiration for a vast international community. She is one of the rare persons one can trust blindly.”–Oscar van Dillen, Member of the Board of Trustees of Wikimedia Foundation. Composer, visual artist and professor of music at Codarts.